PT Services to Craft Stronger

For Crafters


Have a group of like-minded crafting friends? Get them together for a group session to learn how to prevent aches and pains from overuse.

Expected duration 2-3 hours.

Up to 5 participants: $250.
6-10 participants: $400.

Individual Sessions

One-on-one session focused on the specific ergonomic needs for your crafting; includes individualized restorative exercise program, posture assessment and manual therapy techniques for any current injuries, aches and pains.

Expected duration 1 hour.

$150 per session plus mileage depending on location.

For Businesses

Customer Class

Have a craft shop with classroom space? Host a class for 5-15 people specific to your business to help keep your customers crafting! Class includes ergonomic education and a craft-specific exercise program to prevent overuse aches and pains.

Expected duration: 1.5-2 hours

Rate: $25 per participant

Staff Class

Staff education on work simplification and ergonomics to reduce the risk of on-the-job injuries in your shop. Includes preventative exercise program for you and your staff.

Expected duration: 1-2 hours.

Rate: $250 plus mileage, depending on location.